Okay, so I had this dream a couple of nights ago that was basically Lord of the Rings, but all of the horses were replaced with motorcycles.  It was pretty great because it was just pretty much exactly like the films, but with everyone riding around like crazy bike gangs. And everyone had bikes that were unique to their characters. 

Well, like it says on the ring,  “One hog to rule the roads.”















You’re fucking joking


Look how they tried to make this abusive piece of shit sexy. 


After this shit is released, expect a flood of expecting subs who don’t know that it’s abuse and more fake Doms preying on them. 

Yep. A flood of defensive posts, a flood of drama, a flood of exuberant basement dwelling shitdicks given new fuel in their predation. A flood of fucked up shit all around, a flood of teenaged girls who will grow up romanticizing this sort of thing.

Fuck. Like I know the book is trash. I know the former beta, back when it was just online fanfic who hates it with all her heart because the author refused to listen to her speak about BDSM. I’ve attempted the read the horseshit and failed before the third sentence.

And yet…


I think listener-blue and I should see this trainwreck.

Bdsm community, you’ve got a big storm coming.

I just hope audiences will stop to listen to people who are actually a part of the BDSM community when we say, “THIS IS NOT HOW IT WORKS.”

As a sub, I am very protective of other subs, and I don’t want any of them to think that this kind of relationship is healthy. BDSM is safe, sane, and consensual: always. If it isn’t, it’s abuse. Fifty Shades is about abuse, plain and simple. I don’t care what the author calls it; it—is—abuse.

Please, please, please, if you are thinking of joining the BDSM community, do not use Fifty Shades as a tutorial or a guide. Talk to people in the community. Don’t let yourself be beguiled and bamboozled by abusive people masquerading as doms. Don’t let anyone tell you that Fifty Shades is an accurate representation of BDSM. Don’t let anyone tell you that BDSM is abuse.

Talk to us. Come to us. Let us help you.


This ^  All of this.  ^^^^^^

As a sub, I absolutely know that this bullshit is abuse

another sub pointing out the obvious abuse here

literally, i know the plot and its like…she isnt sure and hes forcing her

that is not how a sub/dom relationship works. never.



Shaking Off “Gymtimidation”

If you’re making a new commitment to exercise, you’ll probably be active around other people, and that can cause anxiety. You may worry because you have a large weight-loss goal, get winded easily, or you can’t lift much weight. You may even have been the target of mean-spirited comments from others.

Unfortunately, the world has a generous helping of jerks in it. You still have to look out for yourself, and that may mean getting a little uncomfortable. Here are some suggestions to ease the way:

  • Wear earphones while you exercise: Well, not if you’re riding a bike outside, but then you’ll be sailing past any haters, anyway. Especially in the gym, though earphones — plus favorite music, a great (or just plain fun) audiobook, or some podcasts from a favorite show — can help you tune out the world and focus on your workout. Music has even been shown to enhance performance.
  • Map out a plan before you hit the gym: Know exactly what you’re doing before you get to the gym. It could be as simple as a list of exercises you want to do, or as complicated as the order and other details about them. Bonus: you have a checklist to help you see what you’re accomplishing while you’re there. (And keeping a log of your activities, even if it’s just dated lists in a manila folder, can help you stick with your plan and improve it, too. Here are some ideas for things you can keep track of.)
  • It’s really true: the people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind don’t matter. Sometimes the gym seems like an obstacle course of people who are better at everything and eyeing you critically. Appearances can be deceiving. The most capable, consistent, and knowledgeable gym-goers are almost always friendly, enthusiastic, and interested in helping others share their enjoyment of exercise. In other words, the best people help build others up — they don’t tear others down.

Exactly how fast you move or how much you lift doesn’t mean much outside of formal competition. For almost all of us, the most important part is whether we can do more — or feel better — than we did yesterday, or last week or last year. No human will ever beat a cheetah in a sprint, but that’s OK, because our job is being good humans. (And when the distances get longer, the tables turn!) This is one reason it helps to find activities you enjoy. Enjoying your exercise makes it easier to focus on what’s really important: how you are getting better over time.

This is clearly an image from an ad campaign (others in this style include a swimmer racing a dolphin and a soccer player facing off against a spider goal-tender), but I don’t know the source — please let me know if you recognize it!

Do you have some favorite tips and tricks for keeping your focus?